Do you find yourself frequently wrestling with feelings of inadequacy, feeling like you’re not “good enough” and internally comparing yourself to others? Does it seem like everyone else has it all together and you secretly feel like you’re the only one trying to hold things together? You feel like a royal hot mess.  Kids are a mess. Your house is a mess.  And your relationship, welp, thats hanging on by a thread as well.   This is causing significant internal conflict and distress even though you’re known to be a task oriented, multitasking, faith driven, productive person that holds it all together. But now you find yourself just looking for relief.

Or maybe you’re a woman of color struggling with being unapologetically you. You worry that people will not accept you for who you are, and you’ve experienced this emotional rejection in the form of cultural trauma that has caused you to doubt your worth as a person and as a woman.

As the owner of Refuge Counseling & Consulting, I help anxious woman resolve their emotional distress through EMDR trauma work, insight oriented and attachment base therapy. I specialize in helping individuals recover from their past, develop effective ways of responding and strengthening connection in relationships. I do this by helping you make sense of WHAT you are experiencing and WHY you are experiencing it. I attack the problem from the root. I explore your childhood experiences and HOW that connects to your current struggles. I help you BUILD greater self awareness and RESOLVE these internal and relational conflicts.

So if you are ready to do the hard work, why wait? Book an appointment now under the “Getting Started” tab.

I look forward to walking with you in your process.

With Grace,

Hermeisha R. Hopson, LCSW