Thank you for taking the first step in recognizing that there is a problem and no longer pretending that there isn’t one. That is the first step to change, having the insight and the courage to acknowledge the issue rather than avoid or deny it. This tells me that you are tired of the cycle you have been in. It is becoming exhausting and overwhelming fighting off the racing thoughts and warm flashes that radiate throughout your body when that trigger hits (many times out of nowhere). It tells me that you are tired of losing sleep due to fears and nightmares that jolt you out of your sleep. You are tired of feeling disconnected in your relationship(s) and desire to break unhealthy patterns of relating and responding.  Or perhaps you are tired of feeling unmotivated and having a list, but never really getting things done……Listen, I hear you and I see you.

You can draw the line today and say, no more!

As the owner of Refuge Counseling & Consulting, I specialize in providing EMDR trauma therapy to help individuals recover from their past, develop effective ways of responding and strengthening connection in relationships. I do this by helping you make sense of WHAT you are experiencing and WHY you are experiencing it. I attack the problem from the root. I explore your childhood experiences and HOW that connects to your current struggles. I help you BUILD greater self awareness and RESOLVE these internal and relational conflicts.

So if you are ready to do the hard work, why wait? Book an appointment now under the “Getting Started” tab.

I look forward to walking with you in your process.

With Grace,

Hermeisha R. Hopson, LCSW