Well, Hello! I am so glad you clicked on my website to learn more about how I am best suited to serve you. But first, take a deep breath right now….Inhale…..Exhale…..You’ve made the first step.

I know it has to be exhausting finding yourself frequently wrestling with unworthy feelings and negative thoughts like, “I am not good enough,” or “It’s my fault,” and internally comparing yourself to others. It just seems like everyone else has it all together and you secretly feel like a royal hot mess.  Kids are a mess. Your house is a mess.  And your relationship, welp, thats hanging on by a thread as well. You’re known to be a task oriented, faith driven, productive person, that on the outside, holds it all together.  But now you find yourself just looking for relief.

Maybe you’re a woman of color struggling with being unapologetically you. You worry that people will not accept you for who you are. Every time you find yourself in places like churches, small groups, school, work, store, etc., where you’re the minority, you feel your heart pounding, thoughts racing and insecurity rising. Many times you’ve felt and experienced situations where you were unsafe, mischaracterized and treated as if your life doesn’t matter. These crushing experiences have caused you to avoid such spaces and caused you to doubt your worth as a person.

Listen ladies, I am here for all of it and I hear you.

As the owner of Refuge Counseling & Consulting Services, I am passionate about building healthy Christians and building healthy families I help anxious women resolve their emotional distress through EMDR trauma work, psychodynamic and attachment base therapy. I specialize in helping individuals recover from their past, develop healthier ways of responding and strengthening connection in relationships. .

My approach is targeted, practical and results driven, with the goal of helping you become a healthy human and a healthier Christian.

So, if you are ready to get started, book an appointment now under the “Getting Started” tab.

I look forward to walking with you in your process.

With Love & Grace,

Hermeisha R. Hopson, LCSW